Friday, July 17, 2009

Showit v2.0 Webinar Available for Playback

Click below to view the webinar that was hosted on Tuesday July 14th, 2009.

Thanks to everyone that made the Showit v2.0 webinar so awesome! It ended up lasting over an hour and had more that 150 people! As an added bonus for you enjoyment you can catch DJ's antics while he got bored during some of the "tech talk".
DJ getting bored while Todd talked tech

And remember you can check out all the Showit Tutorials if you have questions on building your website, or join in the community at Club Showit and ask questions you have.

I was totally overwhelmed (in a good way) with the response after having about 80 questions in the first minute of the webinar. We know that means we need to do more education, but we also realized that means people are using it!

Since we obviously were not able to answer every question we will be having a more webinars next week. I'll post up a schedule later so keep an eye out. We've reviewed all the questions from Tuesday and will be doing some focused 30 minute webinars on specific topics.

I can't end this without a HUGE thanks to everyone who has downloaded Showit. Since releasing Showit Free not even a week ago there have been almost 2000 new signups! We are super grateful to everyone who is using and evangelizing Showit! If you consider yourself a Showit Evangelist make sure to join Showit For Life on Facebook as well as get involved in Club Showit!


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