Monday, July 27, 2009

Webinar Playback - Building a Client Site

We had a great webinar last Friday with over 50 people on how a photographer can build a client website from scratch! Thanks to everyone that joined in because we had some really great questions and interactions.

I realized after the webinar it probably was a misleading title as some of you had never used Showit. If you joined us and are new to Showit I'm sure you felt a little overwhelmed with how fast topics got covered, so I apologize for that. We do have some great Showit Tutorials you can watch that will guide you through how to setup your site.
For those that did not make the webinar you can watch it (and all of the webinars) via the Tutorials page.
View the Recorded Webinar

There were some requests to see the final published site created during the webinar so we've left that up to check out at


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