Thursday, July 23, 2009

Showit 2.0 Widgets Webinar Playback

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the Showit widgets webinar yesterday. We've uploaded the video to the Showit Tutorials for your viewing pleasure. If you have any questions on how to use the widgets this is a great new reference.

View the Recorded Webinar

We've added a cool new feature to the recorded webinars by including some markers for you to quickly reference specific material for play back. Note the arrows with text at the bottom of this screen shot.
Also, remember that we have another webinar tomorrow hosted by DJ on building a website from scratch. You can register here. We encourage everyone to join. Our example will be how a wedding photographer can quickly build a basic site for a bride and groom. This can be a great added service that you can include as part of unique offering to your customers. But we will be covering all the basics of starting a website from scratch, so if are not a photographer and you want to build a site but haven't started hopefully this will be a great opportunity get you started!


Lydia said...

I can't join the webinar today. It just keeps making me sign up again! :'(

Anonymous said...

DJ, thanks so much for posting these. I often can't make the live webinars so being able to play them back after the fact is great. Thanks for doing this. I also liked being able to shoot to the specific content via the links below the webinar. Extremely handy and a real time saver.