Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Webinar Playback - New Gallery Features

Yesterday we had a great webinar on how the new Gallery Widgets really enhance the ability to customize your site. The new galleries offer much more flexibility in displaying your images with much less work. Here are a few highlights of the new galleries features.
  • You can now have your page background within a Style Group feed from a gallery. This means if you want your background to transition while playing a slideshow you can do this with a single page, versus a bunch of pages.
  • Display multiple galleries on the same page pulling from the same or different series of images. This is a nice feature to replace the traditional gallery launch page, allowing you to replace the static images with galleries.
  • Seamlessly transition from gallery to gallery without the display area requiring a reload on your page. This creates a clean transition from gallery to gallery when viewing your website.
So make sure to check out the webinar and if you have more questions jump into Club Showit to join the Showit community.

View the Recorded Webinar

Also, keep an eye out for a Showit update that adds more features to the galleries widget coming soon. That update will include some cool features on embedding controls for the galleries. As always, software updates are free and will be included as soon as you confirm installing the new version.

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