Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Showit Sites Update

Today we released Showit Sites 1.1! Simply open up Showit Sites and it will automatically update itself. If you haven't already... download it for free and try it out. This update includes a bunch of new features that you guys have been asking for and we're excited for you guys to start using them in your sites.


This has been one of our most highly requested features and we're proud to finally offer the ability to use your own customized fonts in your Showit Sites! To get started making your website even more customized... check out this PDF tutorial on how to make your custom fonts ready for Sites and the web.


If Spanish is your native language then you might prefer to use Showit Sites that way as well. Inside Sites check out the menu: File -> Language. Rudy Arpia helped us out by translating all of Showit Sites into Spanish using the translation tool. If you're interested in using Sites in your native language send us some feedback from the Help menu to let us know. And check out the translation tool located in the Help menu as well.


We've been hard at work under the hood of Sites to implement an easy way to add widgets to your sites... and we're ready to roll! We've already added a couple of widgets to the Showit Library so be sure to check them out in the Flash area.

The Timer widget allows you to auto-advance pages, which we've had a lot of requests for. Drop it on a style group and sit back and watch your pages automatically advance. Perfect for those full page galleries!

The RSS Feed Reader does just what you think it would. Plug in the URL for the RSS feed on your blog and have your website keep up to date and directly link to the latest from your blog.

These are just a few... with more on the way!! Got any other ideas or something you can't live without? Let us know in the comments.


On the side... we also decided to update out a couple other things as well:

COLOR PICKER - There are a lot more colors to choose from now... and if you need to get just the right shade from a photo you just added... check out the new dropper tool!

LAYER MENU - Check out the View menu to hide and show the layer menu... perfect for when your working on smaller layers.

SHORTCUTS - We're adding shortcuts all the time. You can learn them by checking out the menu system. Some of them you might find helpful:

Preview - CTRL + P
Publish - CTRL + SHIFT + P

Layer Forward - CTRL + ]
Layer Back - CTRL + [

Hide Layer Menu - CTRL + SHIFT + L

We hope you enjoy all the updates!
-The Showit Sites Team

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Showit Suite - Sweet. :)

If you're a Showit customer we want to hang with you at WPPI.

We will have two suites at the MGM Signature but space is very limited. We will be doing a couple of round table discussions so we can hear from you and if you're interested in being involved in something like this please post below and we will put up a schedule soon.

We will also have a room devoted to website design where you can get individual attention getting your website stoked out just the way you want.