Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Get in Line - Showit Grid Feature

I know some of you out there almost spilled coffee on your computer out of excitement for this feature. Get your happy dance out of the way and sit back down to play with the new grid! We heard it loud and clear that you wanted a better grid for lining up your site so here you are.

Our dev dudes did some rocket science and what not and made the new grid centered which is really useful. It's also way easier to turn on/off and resize directly from the bottom control bar. Also, for those of you who drink to much coffee and have the caffeine shakes check out the new snap feature so you too can get your layers in line without holding your breath.

So get in-line because with all these new features were pretty sure a bunch more sites are going to end up on showitloves.com.


Karen said...

I AM doing the happy dance! For all of these improvements, especially the SEO! You guys are awesome!

|| davidjay || said...

Yea! Love it!

jamiedelaine said...

yo yo yo! I thought Todd was SO against this?!!? Haha! Remember when I brought it up in Vegas? Hilarious. Glad he finally caved! ;)

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