Saturday, June 6, 2009


Be on the lookout for a nice update next week with a killer new gallery feature! We have 5 new galleries coming and I am so so so excited about them! Here is a sneak peak of one gallery that you'll be able to create in less than 5 seconds! Simply drag a group of images in and you instantly have a full screen gallery with a customizable "hover on/off" thumbnails window. Brett's been jamming on these for the past month and they turned out even better and cooler and easier than we had planned!

Aaron's also been working on updating the backend of our Media Lab to help you make more money! Our Media Lab delivered over 4000 DVD's last year and is now doing over 400/month! We put over $175,000 in photographers pockets last year and we're excited to make you even more money this year!

In order to do this we listened to your advice and axed Paypal as a payout option b/c of their heavy fees for biz accounts which many of you have.

Lastly we added in the ability to download and fill out your W9 right inside your account. We are required by law to collect these from you so another change is that we must now collect this form before we pay you but don't worry it's only 13 pages long. Just kidding. :) It's short so get it filled out and get your cash.

Ok...That's it! Rock on!