Thursday, June 11, 2009

Update and Webinar

Version 1.6 of Showit Sites was released today that included a bunch of fixes and features including:
  • Support for MP4 and h.264 files that are supported by the Flash player
  • SmugMug image feeds in photo galleries
  • Match sizes on multiple selected items
  • Background overlay color
  • Background transition out
  • Show untagged items in Media Library

We also did a demo of some of these features along with some sneak peaks of some galleries that are in the works, check out the session on our tutorials site:

During the webinar, the following topics were covered in this order:
  • New features in the update
  • Background color overlay and transition out
  • New gallery widget coming soon
  • Using tags to organize your files
  • Laying out your site using alignment and distribution
  • Matching the height and width of items
  • Locking the aspect ratio on resize
  • Drop down menus
  • Creating a splash page
  • Various Showit pricing
  • Sites and SEO info
  • Custom fonts
  • Paypal integration
  • Tracking web stats with Google Analytics
  • How to start building a site
  • Custom Client Pages
  • Wrap up

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Kimberly Brian said...

Can I get someone to contact me about possibly purchasing a site from y'all. I would really like to speak with an actual person. After dealing with another company that won't return my emails or calls, i am at my wits end and need to switch and possibly rather quickly. My email address is, email me please, and I will give you a number where you can call me. Please.. and thank you!!