Thursday, February 12, 2009

Showit Sites Update

Just two short weeks after our last update... in the wee hours of this morning... we released Showit Sites 1.2! This update comes with some minor bug fixes under the hood and a couple of sweet little enhancements you'll find handy right away. Fire up Sites and you should be asked to update automatically.


With the widgets that we've been adding and other content on the way, we realized our Showit Library of content needed some tidying up. If you open up the media library, you'll notice a bunch of new categories for the content we're providing for you. It's now a lot easier to find those home buttons and photo galleries.


Well, if it's a font name... not necessarily a whole bunch. That's why we added the actual fonts themselves to the font selection drop down. Now you won't have to select a couple different fonts before finding the one you want. With the preview, you'll get it right the first time.


We felt your pain when it came to selecting multiple layers at the same time... it was a drag. Now it literally is a drag! Just drag out an area to select anything under the created selection pane. Very intuitive... and definitely a time saver. And if you still can't get all the specific layers you need... try out the layers tab. With a SHIFT or CTRL click... you can now select multiple layers from there as well.


Since our last update we've added a couple more widgets you'll want to check out. You can get your Twitter feed pulled in to your site now as well as create a button for PayPal payments. Just added tonight was a pop up menu! This gives you the ability to hide some of that navigation and let people focus on your images instead!

Hope you enjoy!
-The Showit Sites Team


JMP Weddings said...


Bobby Earle said...

Honestly, you guys are completely revolutionizing the game. I'm so excited to see where SIS is at and even moreso where it's headed.


Seini Photography said...

Dj plz count me in! Id love to catch up with u at the MGM. Let me know what time to hook up or what room u guys are in and I can meet u there thx!

CL Buchanan Photography said...

I love the new widgets but i have a question- what is the timer for and what does it do. Also I'm working on getting my feed into my site and for some reason it keeps telling me that it's an invaild feed. sorry if this isn't the best place to post these. Love the new updates however.

Gray Photography - Zach and Jody - Nashville Wedding Photography said...

You guys are really amazing. Thanks for all the effort to make Showit Sites the BEST site building tool ever!

Green Apple Photo said...

I am working really hard to put together my site but have hit a big wall due to the fact that my photos will not upload into show it web. I submitted a ticket and read all of the hints on the site, but I had any luck. Could someone please get back to me? Thanks in advance!


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