Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Showit Sites Version 0.3.21 BETA

Showit Sites is now available to test drive. We are currently in a PREVIEW BETA mode to allow feedback from the photographic and design community on what features they want or like in a website building tool.

The features of this software are not complete, so please explore the existing functionality and provide feedback to help build the best tool for you.

At this time you can import photos and Showit Web slideshows from your local computer but they will not upload. You can preview your site but you cannot save it (so don't spend TOO much time on it :)

Working Features:
  • Layout page
  • Add new page
  • Switch page
  • Drag & drop image
  • Drag & drop Showit Web slideshow
  • Button links
  • Button mouse over effects
  • Change background
  • Layer effects
In progress:
  • Publish
  • Site settings
  • View options
  • Page options
  • Undo
  • File upload
  • Add text
  • Add style group
  • Add music
  • Add video
  • Add file package
  • Duplicate or reset layer
  • Swap image mouse over
  • World peace
Thank you for your patience and feedback as we build an awesome product that will make your site look great!


John said...

HALLELUJAH!!! I've been waiting for this app since DJ mentioned it back in May last year- SO glad it's here because there is truly nothing like it out there anywhere, esp. at this price offering! I'm showing this to my dentist and real estate agent- this is NOT just for photographers!

Now all we need is ShowIt BLOG app to bring the same thing to blogging...

Scott Andrew said...

this is revolutionary. rad times to be had for all. thanks again dj.

Lisa Stein said...

Are you going to be hosting too?

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